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        1. Sincerely,unity,mutual and fraternity
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               In March 2013,Shaanxi Super Metal Materials Co.,Ltd was established

              In March 2017,Shaanxi Top Metal Co.,Ltd was founded.


           The company mainly produces and sells  Titanium,Zirconium,Nickel,Tungsten,Molybdenum,Tantalum,Niobium,Chromium,Cobalt and Hafnium etc.rare metals.Anode plates,sputtering targets,crucibles and their deep processing produtcs can be supplied.The products widely used in rare-earth,vacuum furnace,chemical fiber,,industrial ceramic,chemical petroleum,aerospace,metallurgy and coating and other fields.


          The company owns strict quality management and inspection system,excellent sales team and high-quality after-sales service.Focuses on standardize administration,strengthening staff's quality consciousness,meeting the demands and anticipations of clients.The products sell to Europe and Amercia,Japan,Korea,India,Australia,South Africa and other countries.Our products'quality and services win good popularity and comments from clients.

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